23 Things You Need to Know Before Visit Tokyo Disney

By October 5, 2018 Lifestyle

Are you planning your first trip to Tokyo Disneyland? Before you begin, you’ll want to read our list of things you should know before booking your flight to Tokyo! This gives you an excellent base to work from and helps make sense of some unique aspects to this gorgeous Disney Resort in Japan.

Even if you only use this to plan your trip, you’ll be well ahead of the curve. Are you overwhelmed with researching and planning for your trip to Japan? Once you’re done this article, check out our 200-page e-book travel guide to Tokyo Disney Resort. It’s the best and easiest way for planning a stress-free trip.

1. There are two parks


World Bazaar (their version of Main Street U.S.A.) at Tokyo Disneyland. Which is a covered street.

Tokyo Disney Resort consists of two parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Tokyo DisneySea is the only Disney park of it’s kind in the world and made its debut in 2001. Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983.

2. Tokyo Disney Resort isn’t actually in Tokyo


Mount Prometheus at Tokyo DisneySea

The Resort is in the city of Urayasu in Chiba prefecture, which is right next to Tokyo. Having the name “Chiba Disney Resort” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

You can get here by train (Maihama Station), highway bus or car from the airport, or from other parts of Japan.

3. Buy your park tickets ahead of time

Don’t buy your tickets at the gate as that wastes precious time you can spend in the park. Tokyo Disney Resort offers tickets for up to 4 consecutive days (you can’t split a multi-day ticket). Buy them from the Disney Stores in Japan, on the Official Website, or the easiest way is through Klook (use offer code KLKTDREX to receive an exclusive discount off your first order).

For more details, read our Guide to Buying Tokyo Disney Resort Park Tickets, which answers many of your questions.

4. There are Disney hotels & non-Disney hotels


Disney Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disney Resort

There are 3 deluxe Disney hotels and 1 value Disney hotel on property:

The Hotel MiraCosta is right inside Tokyo DisneySea! This makes for a unique experience.

There are a number of non-Disney hotels on property, too. Our Tokyo Disney Hotel reviews and recommendationshelp you decide what’s best for your budget. Read our Full Guide to Tokyo Disney Hotels for more details and how to book your hotel.

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